Hey Curlies,

Postpartum hair loss is the last thing any person wants to hear after they’ve spent hours or days delivering a baby. I thought I’d escaped postpartum hair loss until about 3 months after delivery.

Around 3 months is when I noticed my daughter’s head full of hair start to thin. Coincidentally, this is also when I noticed my hair begin to thin as well.

I took a photo of my hair for a brand collaboration post and noticed my missing edges. How had I not noticed before? I guess that’s what happens when all of your attention is on a new baby.

Here is what I did to help regrow my edges and combat postpartum hair loss.

1. Increased my water intake: “drink water…yeah we get it Victoria” but this truly helped. I started drinking at least 2 (if not 3) liters a day.

2. Add collagen to my wellness routine:

3. Added moringa to my hair care routine:

4. Left it alone

Learn more in the video: