Do you worry that you have too much stress in your life? If so, you need to make sure you know how to tell when it’s getting too much for your body and mind. Here are some of the most common signs of stress that is too much to handle.

You Wake Up Exhausted

One of the best ways to tell if you’re under too much stress is if you wake up every day feeling exhausted and overloaded. To deal with this, you should try to figure out what is keeping you up at night or messing up your sleep pattern. This could be about anything, like problems at work or in your business life. You shouldn’t ignore this kind of trouble. Instead, you should make sure to face it straight on.

You Notice Physical Changes 

The next step is to consider any outward manifestations of emotional or mental strain. There are numerous ways in which stress might present itself. Your hair, for instance, may have just begun to appear thinner than usual. Alternately, you might notice that you’re gaining weight. This won’t always be due to emotional eating. The body swells up in response to stress and anxiety. In addition, stress has been related to serious long-term health problems like cancer and heart disease. Because of this, it’s crucial to find means of relieving stress and anxiety if you’re feeling overwhelmed. There is a wide variety of non-conventional therapies to consider, from massage to yoga and much more. 

You’re In Pain

The body’s response to stress might be experienced as a persistent pain. There are times when the body just doesn’t know how to cope with stress. So it transforms it into something it can understand somewhat better, and this is chronic pain. The discomfort could be in your head, your back, or anywhere else. It might even be psychological. It may be hard to work out which it is, but the point is it will be causing you problems. 

As well as reducing your stress and looking for the root cause of it in general, it’s wise to investigate how medicinal cannabis might be able to help with pain relief. Speak to the experts at Cannabis Clinic, and you might be surprised at just how much help you can receive. 

You’re More Irritable 

Last but not least, you may discover that prolonged mental or emotional stress has a bad effect on your wellbeing. It’s possible that those in your close surroundings will take note and remark on your changed attitude. If you notice that people are constantly commenting on your mood, it may be time to look into whether or not stress is to blame. Positive emotion regulation is facilitated by cognitive therapy, so this could be a good option to help you. 

We hope this sheds light on the warning signals of stress becoming a major problem in your life and the actions you can take to alleviate it. By taking these measures, you can safeguard your physical and mental health.