Hey, Curlies!

Oftentimes I get asked how ClassyCurlies and Make It Classy started and I always make health a pivotal part of my speech. Yes, we talk about plant-based beauty care but the root of it all starts with health. When I learned some of the harsh ingredients in many beauty products, it helped me become pickier about the items/products I used in my daily life. It’s the reason why our Healthy Living section was created years ago.

I’m always looking for health tools, tips, and tricks to make my life better. I was recently introduced to Take Action For Health. It’s a website dedicated to improving the overall health for Black people. The year 2020 was very difficult for everyone due to the pandemic. The Black community was specifically impacted by COVID-19, continued racial injustice, and more. All of these items have an impact on physical and mental health.

The site is backed by well-respected organizations like Anthem, Inc., National Urban League, 100 Black Men of America, Inc. and others. It hits on five important topics that impact the Black community like emotional health, cancer, heart health, prediabetes and kidney health.

I really appreciate the Emotional Health section as it hits on a lot of areas where I can relate. Being home much of the last year can have an impact on your mental health. I miss hugging loved ones, seeing friends in person, and other aspects of human interaction. These and other factors can cause depression, which is less acknowledged and more stigmatized in the African American/Black community. The site says “Many African Americans/Blacks do not seek professional help for depression when they need it” which is very true.

I love that many people are seeking professional mental help and being open about their journeys. It’s resources like Take Action For Health that may encourage someone to take that step and better their wellbeing. You can even take a mental health questionnaire for depression and anxiety.

I encourage you to register for the site for free where you can take health questionnaires and find health resources in your local area. When you know better, you do better and can share information you’ve learned with others.