Do you find yourself increasingly stressed lately? Perhaps it started almost two pandemically-centered years ago. Maybe your stress level has been inching its way toward the danger zone for years. Wherever you find yourself on this journey called life, you know you will be a lot happier if you can find ways to relax and maintain a centered self. Try one or all of these tips to find your inner calm.


The practice of hypnosis is not a thing of old sitcoms. Instead, hypnosis is a meditative art form that can help you achieve calm when you need it most. There are three stages of hypnosis, and the process is easy to follow. The stages are 1) Hypnotic Induction, 2) Creative Visualization, and 3) Exiting the Hypnotic State. 

Of note, you can hypnotize yourself without the aid of anyone else. This is significant because you are able to achieve the benefits of hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of being beholden to another’s schedule or guidelines. You get to make the appointment with yourself – and you should! When you plan a self-care activity and place it in your planner of choice, it becomes a commitment just like any other. You will be more likely to keep that appointment.

Set and Maintain Work/Life Boundaries

Ah, it is always easier said than done when it comes to setting boundaries. That being the case, you must do so for the benefit of all. If you happen to be a dog person, consider the analogous ways that dogs respond better to knowing what to expect from the world around them. Their learned boundaries afford them comfort in the known. It is the unknown and ambiguity that leads to chaos.

It is time to train yourself. Whether you work from home or bring your work home, set consistent work times and stick with them. Readjust as appropriate, but do not encroach upon your family time, couple time, and especially your time. When you set boundaries and relay those to your co-workers and boss, it is easier for everyone because they know what to expect. They will (usually) not send emails or texts in the evening because they will be trained to know that you are unavailable, and by extension unreachable during that time frame. Knowing that you are no longer “on” will lead to a calmer and more enjoyable time.

Organize and set up your workspace and work rules to be productive. This video shares a wealth of actionable tips to attain that balance.

Take a Break

Make time in your life to breathe and recuperate. This may be a sun-dappled walk through your neighborhood with a favorite true-crime podcast. Or, maybe it is time for a vacation. Remember to schedule the daily walks or a trip so that you actually adhere to them as if they were an accountable appointment.

Moments of respite and vacations are ways to reset and refresh your body and mind. You need it, and you know it, so do it. When you expose yourself to a change in scenery or different cultures, you are making new connections in the world. This is a chance to sit back and enjoy everything that is going on around you. 

It is time to give yourself the gift of calmness. Explore self-hypnosis. Set boundaries. Go on a peaceful vacation. And, take care of yourself. You deserve it.