Hair Care:”Black” and “White” People Hair Products

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Hey Curlies! The other day, I set my shampoo and conditioner on the bathroom counter and one of my good friends made note of the products I use.Friend: (walks over the the counter and picks up the bottle of conditioner) This is what you use?Me: YeahFriend: That’s white people stuff girl…Me: Says who? I think it’s a marketing…


Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Hey Curlies! Now that the winter months are rolling in, I need to use a heavier oil than the one I am using to keep my hair moisturized. A couple of days ago I bought a jar a coconut oil from GNC for $12.99. If you buy this please find it somewhere cheaper! lol, so ridiculous. I tried Sally’s and they…


Natural Hair Style:Salon Stylist vs Do it Yourself

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Hey Curlies! I’ve seen this topic many times by transitioners and naturals all over, and many are wondering how should hair be handled. Once going natural, some prefer to continue going to a salon or some prefer to do it on their own. For the first 6 months I did continue going to the salon but then I realized how unnecessary that…


We have a winner!

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Hey Curlies! I hope you all had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Midnight was absolutely crazy and you all know I was in it! Abercrombie and Fitch got all of my money! lol Anyway, I am here to announce the winner of the Thanksgiving giveaway. The winner will receive one jar of Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Remember if the winner does…


Giveaways and Other Stuff

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Hey Curlies! So here is my hair currently. I took down my twists to do a twist out. I don’t even really want to wash my hair because it’s so cute lol. Probably by tomorrow or the following day it will lose definition and I’ll wash it. I actually was planning on getting a sew in on Wednesday, but now…



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Hey curlies!I am thinking about doing a few giveaways soon in order of the Christmas season. These gifts would be hair products of course! What products would you like to see given away for FREE? It is very important that I receive some sort of feedback 🙂 Happy Holidays!@ClassyCurlies


I Hate my Natural Hair…

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Hey Curlies,So just a few minutes ago I was on the CurlyNikki Forum and came across something VERY interesting. A young woman stated that she HATED her natural hair after her big chop. She also has a very strong feeling that her boyfriend is upset at her choice…this is what I say to her and others in this situation.Dear I HATE my…


Natural Hair Products: Miss Jessie’s Sale at Target (closed)

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Hey Curlies! Have you ever wanted to try Miss Jessie’s products but couldn’t find the money? Well tomorrow is your lucky day because the line is having a buy one get one FREE, at Target and I’ve never tried these products but I’ve heard great things about them. The sale begins November 20th to December 17 while supplies last. What…