Hey Curlies,

Fall is officially in full swing and that means weather that changes often. With fluctuating temperatures come coughs, colds, and allergies. I’m combining some of my favorite ingredients: honey and garlic to create a homemade all-natural cough syrup for coughs and allergies.

My daughter has had a cough for longer than I’d like and my body has suddenly discovered allergies as I venture into my 30s. I’m hoping this homemade cough syrup will help.

Why honey and garlic?

I use honey in many wellness recipes like my honey-sage hair conditioner, honey face scrub, and blog on why you should use honey as a face mask. The benefits of honey are endless. It’s a great moisturizer for hair and skin. Above all, it has great anti-viral properties that make it great to use in a cough syrup.

Honey coats the throat and helps fight infection.

Garlic on the other hand is another amazing antiviral ingredient. It is one of the main ingredients in my flu bomb shots. Overall, it can help improve immune function.

I used about a dozen cloves of fresh garlic and about 1 cup of raw honey. If you can find local honey – even better.

Check out the video for the full tutorial.