Hey, Curlies!

A few months ago I posted a photo mentioning how I had just washed my face with honey. I had a handful of people ask for the tutorial, so here it is!

I use honey on my face one of three ways. I’ve already shown you how I use honey as a face mask – you can watch that video here – and now we’re moving on to creating your own scrub. There is one other way I use honey in my skin care routine, and I’ll be sharing that with you all soon!

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Why use honey?

Honey is seriously liquid gold. It heals and hydrates your skin like no other. Raw honey – which is what we will be using – is antibacterial, antiviral and comes with tons of moisture.

No matter if you suffer from dry skin, acne or dark marks, honey can help!


I like to keep things simple, so we’ll be using just two ingredients: raw honey and ground cinnamon. Please make sure you’re using “raw honey.” Read the back of the ingredient label and make sure this is the only ingredient listed. Also, if it’s inexpensive, chances are it isn’t real honey.

I get my honey from Trader Joe’s for about $8.


Watch my video tutorial to learn to make your own!

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