Hi, I’m Carmen and I joined the bandwagon of black women finding interest in plants while being isolated.

**insert a TV scripted AA style meeting of a “hi, Carmen” back at me** LOL 

Anywho, I tried with plants a few years ago and failed miserably. It was heartbreaking so I told myself I didn’t have a green thumb and I didn’t try again. Then this year happened! 

In the midst of all of the pandemic stuff, I was knee-deep in the muckiness of holding space for my close friend as she made a major life shift. During one of our many conversations, she talked about buying flowers for herself and wanting to have plants in her home because it would make her happy.  

Somehow that conversation shifted something in me and I was like “ok, I can try this again.” I was determined to grow something. Plant or food! I was growing it! And off I went to a local nursery for a few plants. I didn’t have any plans or desires. I just wanted to see what was there and let the plants choose me. I ended up leaving with a Wandering Jew and a Baby Rubber plant. 

Let’s just say a few Facebook groups and seven additional plants later, I am kinda hooked. I also realize I am an impulsive flower buyer. When I want them, I will go to farmer’s markets or local shops just for flowers or spend at least 10 minutes at the door of Trader Joes looking at the arrangements.

It brings me joy to take care of something outside of myself. I get hype when I see something new like a new leaf or them thriving after hitting a rough patch because I switched up their watering schedule. It leaves me feeling full and purposeful. I actually love waking up in the morning and telling them good morning as I open the blinds. It’s such an energy shift! I love that there is always something new to learn and adapt to (something I deeply value) so I keep it going! 

Now before you go out and buy “fifty-eleven” plants like I did, find a why behind it. I wanted to grow something. My friend wanted to bring beauty to her life. Your reason doesn’t have to be anything like ours but be sure you are committed to your plant(s). Happy growing!