Hey Curlies,

The past few years I’ve taken some time to upgrade my fall and winter closet and while it may seem shallow at first, it has really helped boost my overall confidence. They say, “when you look good, you feel good” and taking just a little extra time to focus on my appearance has been magical.

In the fall of 2022, I was 8 months into being a new mom and still embracing my new body. Sure, I was a little smaller than before becoming pregnant, but my clothes and shoes didn’t fit the same. I’d been trying to figure out my new style.

The last five or so years I hadn’t really focused on my style at all. I would buy a new outfit the day before a special event and continue to wear clothes from my closet that were good quality. It was rare that I bought something new for myself because everyone else in my home came first.

Finding…and loving Stitch Fix

That fall, I decided to invest in myself a little more by subscribing to Stitch Fix. It was one of the best things I’d ever done because:

a. I didn’t have to find time to shop

b. Things magically showed up at my doorstep

c. I knew there was a good chance that if something cute was in that box, I’d make myself buy it

Long story short – it was a better chance of me actually sticking to my word.

While pricier than I would’ve purchased from the store, Stitch Fix items are very good quality. This service became a game changer when I found out you could also get shoes delivered. My feet had grown a little since having my daughter and my shoes were a little tight. I asked my stylist to include a new pair of shoes every delivery and I loved it! I even had my stylist choose outfits ahead of time for upcoming special occasions.

Check out one of my unboxing videos

This fall I found myself in a different situation. Work burnout is real and while I was figuring out how to unload mentally, I found myself turning to my closet. On the days I didn’t feel my best, something inside me wanted to look better than how I felt.

I was able to invest in many pieces of clothing I can wear both to the office and during outings with friends and family. As I said before, it’s odd, but it was a contributor to helping combat work burnout.

Yes, I was able to take time off but showing up to work everyday in new clothes and shoes lifted my spirit and overall confidence. The compliments I got made me smile more. I took more time to do my hair, and get a mani/pedi. I was even able to do something new with my nails. All of this added up to looking fabulous which then truly improved my mental health.

I’m not saying looks are everything because sometimes they are the last trait on the list. What I can say is that investing a little more in self care can give you the boost you need even if you’re feeling not like yourself.