So much focus is often put on wellbeing at home, that people often forget about it at work. Considering most people tend to work 40 hour weeks or more, staying fulfilled and happy in your working environment is essential for both your physical and mental health.

So, if your well-being is suffering and could do with some improvement, don’t ignore it. Small changes are all it takes to bring back a little positivity to your daily routine, allowing you to progress and flourish in your career, become more proactive, and develop opportunities to create long-lasting friendships with your colleagues. 

Here are three approaches that could help you.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can not only help us with our daily lives outside of work, but it is also a great tool to use for professional wellbeing. By learning just a few simple techniques that you can use every day, you will be able to cope better with inevitable work stress and frustrating situations, which means better overall mental and physical health for you.

Exercises that you could add to your everyday routine include meditating first thing in the morning before work starts, as well as various breathing exercises and regular stretching. Other mindful techniques and practices are ensuring that you take frequent breaks and time away from your desk, or as simple as focusing on one thing at a time.

By taking the time to be aware of yourself, others, and your general surroundings, you will be able to recognize negative feelings and situations instantly and keep them in check. It will also greatly reduce your stress levels, make you more productive, and could even improve your relationship with your colleagues. 

Develop your skills

Many think of superficial ‘on-the-surface’ changes when it comes to improving wellbeing. And while setting up a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing work-space definitely helps, sometimes real well-being takes more time and requires more of an investment in yourself.

While the process isn’t outwardly relaxing with instant results, such as a pampering face mask, taking the time and effort to invest in expanding and developing existing skills, and learning new ones, will ensure more opportunities and possibilities for yourself in the future. And what greater act of self-love and doing something positive for your well-being is there than that?

Make the most of any extra time you have during your evenings and weekends, and take up an online course to develop a skill in something that you are passionate about, and will help you to develop yourself professionally. Make sure that any course you choose is something that genuinely sparks your interest and, if you fancy a complete career change, look up current job postings on job boards such as Glassdoor or to find out the skills and knowledge needed to be considered for your perfect job.

Even if you aren’t currently looking for a change in career or job position, it’s always beneficial to develop yourself and learn new skills along the way.

Make an effort with your colleagues

A good working relationship with those you work with shouldn’t ever be underestimated. After all, you work with these people on a daily basis and probably spend more time with them during the week than your own friends and family sometimes.

Cultivating good working relationships, getting to know your colleagues, and making friends in the workplace will improve your entire working environment, improving your mood and ensuring a friendly place to work where you look forward to spending your time. While everyone naturally has days where they aren’t feeling particularly sociable or like speaking to anyone, don’t let it drag out.

Not only will you be creating an awkward environment for yourself, but you’ll also be hindering your progression, missing out on various opportunities due to your lack of effort.