Hey Curlies,

So if you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty much a healthy eater about 90 percent of the time. My boyfriend on the other hand…let’s just say we’re complete opposite when it comes to food.

My idea of a snack is a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. His idea of a snack is donuts and chips.

You get where I’m headed here?

We eat completely different, which can make grocery shopping difficult. I usually shop alone because I’m more likely to stick to my list. When he comes along, we act like we’re millionaires and the cart is overflowing.

(By the way, I shop weekly since I buy a lot of fresh items)

So, how do I shop for someone who is almost vegetarian, and for someone who likes meat?

Here are four things I like to do to keep our household under control and both of us happy. If you’re in the same situation, I hope this helps you as well.

Not only should you make a grocery list, you should do a little bit of meal planning as well. Trust me, it only takes about 20 minutes and once you’re done, your grocery list should be complete as well. Write down each day of the week and leave enough space for: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.

This list will help you organize exactly the items needed for these meals, and you won’t have to sit around thinking about what’s for dinner everything – because it’s already done.

On this weekly list/calendar, I split each meal into items for me, and items for him. There are times where we eat completely different meals.


Like I said, there are times when we will eat completely different meals (I might want veggie soup, and he wants chicken wings), but often times we try to figure out a way to make the meal with and without meat.

For example, if we’re having taco salad (like we did earlier this week), he’ll eat more ground turkey than I will, or I’ll choose not meat at all.

Lately I’ve been treating myself to Green Chef dinner kits (I chose the vegan kit). It’s a dinner box that ships ingredients and recipes to your home. Because these can be a little pricey, I treat myself about once a month, but it comes with more than a weeks worth of food.

The kit includes three meals for two people, but since I eat them alone, it lasts a lot longer. This gets me my veggie fix and my boyfriend can then eat whatever he wants.

Want more info on Green Chef, click here for details and discounts.

Shopping for two different diets can add up if you don’t shop smart. I usually break up my shopping, with half at Aldi (yes, don’t sleep on them – they have a fantastic healthy and organic options) and Kroger. When I want to buy seafood or something more high end, I stop by Whole Foods or Market District.

I check sales and use lots of coupons – for Kroger in particular.

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