It’s no secret that everyone wants glowing skin, but whether you’ve maintained a beauty routine for years or are just taking control, it can still be difficult to know where your beauty products come from. Right now, there is a more substantial emphasis on ethics than ever before, so how can a newbie know that the products they are buying aren’t just right for them, but the environment, too? Here are four things you must look out for. 

Look at the Label 

The easiest way for you to identify ethical beauty products is to look at the label. Here, you should be able to see a range of cruelty-free certifications that highlight how the product was made, and this will help you pick the right products for your needs. You will be able to do this wherever you purchase your products from, whether in person or online, and if you’re unsure about any specific certifications, feel free to either ask a sales rep or look the certificate up online to confirm. 

Read the Ingredients 

The labels are not enough, though. If you dig a little deeper, you can look at the ingredients. Of course, companies have tried to get around using unethical ingredients for years by printing them in ultra-fine print on the back of a bottle. But, you can still overcome this. Knowing the most common unethical ingredients, such as palm oil, will help you avoid the worst offenders. 

Check Their Business Practices 

Respectable and ethical companies are always looking for better ways to manufacture and distribute their products in ways that minimize damage to the environment and habitats. Many companies such as Revinia will be happy to share their practices with you. But if a company is being vague about how they transport products or source their materials and ingredients, consider this a red flag. Some companies have embraced the idea of the product’s journey, and they will let customers in on the secret. If there is no sign of this journey, you may need to do further digging.

Research the Company 

And this takes you to the final way you can identify how ethical your favorite beauty company is. Researching the company could seem like a lot of detective work, but if you’re concerned about the quality of these products, you must look for the key signs of sustainability. Using these as a tickbox, when looking at news articles about the company, you’ll be able to decide whether their practices are right for you. Of course, not all companies are perfect, and it’s impossible to be 100% sustainable. But the more effort they put into every step of their product development and manufacturing process, the more you should consider them one to look out for. 


Unfortunately, too many people are too disengaged to concern themselves with where their beauty products have come from. But, it doesn’t need to be like this forever. The more you start to care about company practices and product ingredients, the more others will, too. Hopefully, people will abandon the quick beauty results and flock towards ethical products.