Hey, Curlies!

*This post is sponsored by Ameo Life but contains my personal views of the brand.

As a beauty and wellness blogger, I’m always looking for ways to improve my health. While I typically stick to handmade beauty products, every now and then I discover a brand that catches my eye. I’m excited to share with you a handful of the Ameo Life products my family and I have been using over the past several months.

When stumbling upon new wellness products, they have to fit the following criteria for me to feel comfortable using them:

  • Must contain natural ingredients
  • Be free of harmful chemicals
  • Actually, work!

Good for me, the Ameo Life products check the boxes for all three. I was sent a handful of goodies to try out:

The best part is, all of them are vegan, dairy-free, GMO-free, and made right at home in the U.S. 

I’ve got to admit, my curiosity got the best of me when I found that Ameo Life’s star ingredient was silver. Sure I’d heard of the other natural ingredients they used, but never thought about the benefits of silver. According to Ameo Life, silver “has a natural ability to combat bacteria, fungus and yeast, and does not require direct physical contact to be effective.”

The Huffington Post also finds that silver can super-charge your immune system and heal skin conditions among other benefits.

While I loved all of the products, I think my favorite was the Silver Gel and soaps (yes, all of them).

When I first received the package I immediately dived right into the soaps. I placed a bar into each shower so my entire family could test them out. Let’s just say they were a hit! Ameo Life’s Oatmeal Spice Silver Soap was the first to go. My husband was in fact the one who used a majority of the bar saying he “liked the exfoliation on his skin.” It definitely was a nice touch!

I honestly can’t choose a favorite soap. I loved all of them for different reasons. The exfoliation of the Oatmeal Spice Silver Soap was pampering, the charcoal in the Charcoal Tea Tree Soap was deep cleansing, the lavender soap is always a good choice for relaxation and the lemongrass soap contained one of my favorite scents.

The Silver Gel came in handy in more ways than I expected. At first, I wasn’t sure how to use it but once I stopped overthinking, I truly enjoyed it. I found you can use it on almost any body part – hands, feet, face, elbows, knees, and more. Outside of using it as a skin moisturizer (because it contains aloe vera) for my face after cleansing, I have added it to our home first aid kit since it’s great for stings, cuts, and scrapes. I love having natural alternatives like this for my family. 

I also got to try the lozenges and Fresh Breath Spray. Let me tell you, these are great to carry around in your purse (especially when you have last minute meetings). Now that some people are venturing back out into the world, I’ve had a handful of in-person meetings. The Fresh Breath Spray and lozenges definitely came in handy in situations like these.

Next, I definitely want to try their probiotics as I’m a sucker for a good one since they support a healthy immune system, digestive system, skin, urinary tract, and cognitive function.

Overall I truly enjoyed Ameo Life’s products and am making my list of “to try next” products as we speak!