Self-care and wellness practices don’t have to just be your hobby. Wellness is more than simply taking time for yourself or eating well. Wellness and self-care are lifestyle choices that help us maintain our best selves and help us achieve the balance we all need within. If wellness has become so ingrained in your daily life that you want to make it your career in order to spread your knowledge to others on how to be their best self then here are four careers in wellness that you should consider.

Fitness Trainer

One of the best ways you can maintain your health at an optimal level is through exercise. Being a fitness trainer allows you to not only help others maintain a great shape and healthy habits, but you get to spend your day working out as well. No longer will you have to work your exercise regime into your day because your career and your workout routine will go hand in hand. You can train alongside your clients or you can train them by watching and guiding. Earning your certificate to become a fitness instructor only takes a few months and then you’ll be helping others while you elevate yourself.


85% of our well-being comes down to what we put into our mouths. You could work out all day long and still not see a difference if you don’t change your diet. Being a nutritionist or dietician will allow you to help those who suffer from chronic illnesses and diseases due to their nutritional habits become healthier. Dieticians can work with patients to get on course with healthier eating habits and new lifestyle choices. As a nutritionist, you will have a broader sense of food and nutrition that can help those trying to get in shape or cure an ailment get better faster.


Being on the frontlines of wellness is doable with a nursing degree. You can get a masters in nursing online if that works better with your schedule. Nurses are there with patients one-on-one to help them get back to optimal health and ensure their medical experience and healing journey are smooth and without complications. You will know all there is to know about the body, and you can help so many people find and stay on the right track to self-care and wellness. 

Yoga/Meditation Instructor

The best thing you can do for your body is be still and feel. Yoga and meditation allows you to turn off the fuzziness that occurs after days and weeks of constant stimulation. Yoga is a great physical way to get in tune with your body, the way it moves, and feel yourself as you make physical poses. Meditation is the best way to calm the mind and allow for the brain to come to a full voluntary rest. Once certified in both or either one of these fields, you can help others listen to themselves, listen to their bodies and feel balanced through physical and mental exercise.