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To cure my itchy scalp woes, I turned to a hair care brand I discovered at Whole Foods named Alaffia. Not only does Alaffia have a great mission, their products actually work by incorporating all natural and healing ingredients.

Outside of my DIY beauty products, there are only a handful of brands I actually trust with caring for my hair. Alaffia is one of them.

This was one of the reasons I was thrilled to learn the company was releasing an entire line of new hair care products.

This line aims to help repair and restore, and features Baobab Fruit, which comes from the Baobab tree commonly found in Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. Once a year, the tree produces a seed-filled edible fruit.

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Baobab fruit has great benefits for the hair like:

  • Acts as a natural cleanser
  • Provides moisture to hair
  • Soothes an inflamed scalp
  • Protects hair from sun, heat and wind damage

Since Alaffia’s Repair & Restore early July 2018 release date, I was able to get my hands on part of the collection: Conditioning Shampoo, Crème Hair Mask, Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Edge Tamer.

Check out my wash day routine and first impression of each product in the video player above.







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