Hey Curlies,

Sometimes I get a chance to wash my hair during the week, but Sundays are always ideal because, well it’s Sunday.

This week I washed, deep conditioned and styled using Honey Baby Naturals products. They’ve really been keeping my hair moisturized even as the weather gets cooler.

Here’s a snapshot of my wash day.

I washed using Honey Baby Naturals’ HoneyChild Moisture Shampoo and then deep conditioned with their Honey Sweet Conditioner.

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Wash Day with Honey Baby Naturals - ClassyCurlies


Honey Baby Naturals wash day - ClassyCurlies

I left the conditioner on for about 30 minutes and used my Hot Head deep conditioning cap during the process.

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Honey Baby Naturals wash day - ClassyCurlies

After rinsing out the conditioner, I detangled using Honey Baby Naturals’ Knot My Honey Detangler, trimmed my ends, and I blow-dried my hair on cool using the tension method (see video below).

The blow-drying process took about 45 minutes because my hair is so long. In about 30 minutes I styled my hair in chunky twists using the Honey Shea Butter Hair Smoothie.

Blow-drying natural hair using the tension method - ClassyCurlies
I’ll leave my hair this way for the next week, applying oils to my hair and scalp as needed. The photo below is similar to how my twists turned out.

ClassyCurlies natural hair
Check my Instagram and Facebook pages for my twistout later this week.

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