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Some years ago I discovered the power of including clay into my hair and skincare regimens. I’ve used Rhassoul, Australian Pink clays, and other ayurvedic powders for healthy skin and hair, but my favorite has to be Bentonite clay.

I love how versatile Bentonite clay can be. You can use it to deep condition and cleanse your hair, as well as apply it as a face mask.

Normally, I order clay treatments online, but I just happened to be in Whole Foods when I spotted Soap Girl’s Calcium Bentonite Clay.

The clay itself is known for its detoxifying properties as well as clearing up acne and smoothing out your skin’s complexion overall. It produces an electric charge when added to water.

NOTE: Avoid stirring your clay mix with metal silverware or using a metal bowl, as it can react with the clay.


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Bentonite Clay as a face mask


Day 2 of my face mask.


The first time I used the clay from Soap Girl as a facial I was stunned. I’m a huge fan of all-natural face masks, so I’ve tried my fair share.

After leaving the mask on for 10 minutes, I washed it off with a warm towel, gave my face a cool rise (to close those pores) and that was it. My skin felt so smooth and moisturized.

Bentonite Clay as a hair mask


I mixed in some aloe vera from the leaf.

This clay is one of the ways I help give my curls a moisture boost. It also helps define my curls. It takes just minutes to mix up the clay with water or your choice of liquid to get things going. My hair is always soft and super curly after rinsing.

Bentonite clay is great for detoxing your scalp too.

Have you included Bentonite Clay or any other clays into your beauty regimen?

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