We’d all love our bodies to look fantastic, but our environment often has other ideas. We live in a world dominated by fast-food, sedentary working patterns, and dangerous ideas. And all of these can conspire to shape our bodies in ways that we don’t want. Eventually, we look in the mirror, find some fatal flaw, and blame ourselves for the way we look. It’s a pattern that plays out in a million bathrooms every morning. And it damages wellbeing

Our bodies, though, are more than just bags of flesh that look nice. They’re our tools for experiencing the world around us. We all know what happens when they stop working correctly. And it’s not good. 

A lot of people are beginning to accept what their bodies look like, regardless of societal expectations. Things are changing so fast these days that being happy with your condition has almost become the norm, with mainstream advertising backing it up. 

Being body confident, however, can still be a challenge for some people. In this post, we share some of the critical lessons from women who’ve learned to love their bodies. Expect your mind to be blown. 

Let Makeup Be A Choice

We all know what it’s like to feel like you have to wear makeup to please the people around you, whether it’s a partner or work colleagues. There’s immense pressure on us to cover up any imperfections – like a secret uniform that we put on every morning. 

But a lot of women have had enough of this setup. They don’t want to hide who they are anymore. And they’re fighting back. 

One way they’re doing it is to make wearing makeup a choice. It’s something that they can do if they feel like it, but they’re not under any obligations. If one day they feel like they want to show their natural look, they can. 

Strip Off

Being confident in your own skin is having the ability to strip off and show more in a public place, like the beach or the swimming pool. Think about how many women you know who stay away from these venues because they’re worried about how other people will perceive them. Now think about how much better their lives would be if they learned to love themselves enough to show their bodies. 

Many people choose boudoir photography as a path to confidence. It’s about celebrating what you have – not what you lack. 

Be Happy With Plain Clothes

Dolling yourself up every time you leave the house is not only exhausting, but it also prevents you from ever learning to be happy in your skin. You feel like you have to continually impress people and present yourself in a way that pleases them. 

Being happy with plainclothes is another lesson that many of us tend to learn a little too late in life. And that’s sad. We should feel happy with who we are all the time. A sparkly dress or new shoes needn’t be the arbiter of our feelings. We mustn’t outsource our confidence.