Life can sometimes feel a bit drab, can’t it? Whilst we all have those moments full of joy and excitement, it’s easy for the day-to-day grind to start getting you down.

You know how important self-care is, and you try to practice mindfulness, but sometimes it’s much harder to focus on the positive and stay energized. In times like this, you’re probably suffering from world burnout. Finding a way to center yourself and refocus is much easier said than done.

However, if you’re looking for a little extra help to motivate you and reawaken your soul, finding the spirituality in your life can really help. Now, this can work for you regardless of your religion, or even if you’re not religious at all.

Spirituality just means a connection to your inner self and the world around you – a connection that is not physical but based on feelings, destinies, and emotions. There are different ways to find your spirituality, and each person needs to find their own individual connections through these methods.

Yoga and Meditation

The most simple way to bring a feeling of spirituality and connectedness back into your life is through the tried-and-tested methods of yoga and meditation.

Whilst yoga is great exercise, the right teacher can also connect you to the energy flowing within your body, to your breathing, and to your heart. By moving and loving your body, you can fall back in love with the world around it. If you are an active person, this is a great way to integrate spirituality into your life in a way that feels productive and beneficial.

In the same way, meditation has many benefits alongside its spiritual offerings. Both these activities are all about taking a step back, being present in the moment, and allowing the energy of the world to flow through you – there’s no better way to reawaken your soul.

The next two options I haven’t personally tried, but I do have many friends who rely on them.


Following the movement of the stars has been practiced since ancient times, and although the methods and techniques around it have changed over the years, the fundamental philosophy behind it remains the same.

Millions of people across the world check their horoscopes every day, and even these simple snippets of advice and encouragement can help give you a sense of purpose and understanding, whatever your opinion of astrology itself.

For those who want to delve deeper, astrological forecasts can open up a complex and fascinating world of prediction and self-knowledge. If you want a new obsession to reawaken the spiritual side of your life, this is the perfect place to find it.

Tarot Cards

The more cynical amongst you might initially dismiss the idea of getting a tarot card reading, but don’t knock it before you’ve tried it. The major arcana tarot cards are built out of archetypes that have survived for thousands of years, and each of them has an important message about the world and your journey within it.

Reading them well is like catching a glimpse into a universe of possibility, and you can interpret them as deeply as you want, drawing parallels with your experiences and discovering pathways you may not have noticed before.

Whilst you can ask a professional to read your cards for you, it is far more fulfilling to get your own pack and start learning how to read them for yourself. Much like astrology, the tarot is almost infinitely complex, and you will be opening yourself up to new possibilities by opening your mind and letting yourself learn something new.


Too often, spirituality is seen as something private and isolated from the world. Your spirituality is something that lives inside you, completely separate from the influence of others. This is simply not true.

Often, a dwindling joy in the world can be rejuvenated by spending time with those you love or even finding a new community to enjoy and thrive within. This community could come in different forms. It could be one that you already exist with, for example, a church community, a group of friends, or some people you attend a class with.

Don’t be afraid to suggest social events – it might seem nerve-racking, but often everyone is just waiting for one person to start the ball rolling! Good communities and friendships are like great plants; they need tending and care in order to truly thrive. By putting a little bit of energy into finding and growing a community, you could see great rewards both for the world around you and your personal wellbeing.

Reevaluating and Finding Yourself

What do you believe in? The answer to that question will be completely different depending on who you are. It might be a God, it might be in the stars, it might simply be that you believe in the goodness of humans, or in taking responsibility for your actions.

Whatever the answer, in a time when you might be struggling to connect with the world, it’s important to simply ask yourself the question. By thinking about this, you will be centering yourself and reconnecting to your values. Of course, your answer may also change over time – and this is good.

By continuing to connect with yourself and accepting everything you find, you’ll be allowing yourself to flourish and grow. Life is built out of change, and that change will always involve dips as well as highs. Re-evaluating your goals and beliefs will help you to navigate any changes with grace and hope.


If you are going through a difficult period in life, or even just an average week, finding ways to connect with some form of spirituality can be incredibly helpful. It can ease any worries you have, and start to heal you from the inside out.

The meaning of spirituality will be different for everyone, and it’s very important for you to forge your own path and find your own ways of connecting with your inner self. Whether this is through yoga, tarot, community, or any other methods, the results will be equally as valid and worthwhile.