Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be somewhere you feel safe and a place where you can relax whenever you want to. It shouldn’t be a place that’s full of clutter where you don’t feel like you can get a moment’s peace. One way you can ensure you’re always able to relax at home is by consciously creating a calming atmosphere. You can introduce a variety of calming elements to your home to make it a relaxing place to be. Think about how to use all of your senses to unwind and let go of stress when you’re at home. You might find some of the following ideas useful.

Calming Colors

To start with something simple, thinking about the colors that you use in your home can help you to make it more relaxing. In some rooms, you might want to use colors that are brighter and more invigorating. But in the spaces where you want to relax, it can be a better idea to use colors that are neutral and calming. There aren’t necessarily any set rules on which colors are calming, though. What some people might find calming, others might not. Spend some time looking at different colors and find what works for you.


Bringing a bit of green into your home is a fantastic way to introduce a calming element. Houseplants come in all shapes and sizes so you can easily find some that are suitable for your home and that match your tastes. You can get potted plants or maybe consider some hanging plants to keep indoors too. Some houseplants need a lot of care but others can easily be left alone. Some cactuses and succulents are very hardy, so you don’t have to care for them much. Alternatively, there are always artificial plants.

Water Features

A water feature offers you a couple of benefits if you’re trying to create a calming home. If it’s a running water feature, it creates a sound that can be very relaxing. Water can also be beautiful to watch and even to play with. You might think of water features as something that you’re more likely to have outside, but they’re great to have indoors too. It doesn’t have to be a big water feature. You can find small ones that are still very impactful and can help you to relax. Just make sure you position your water feature somewhere safe.

Cozy Pillows, Blankets, and Throws

Being able to relax can also be about having somewhere comfortable to be. One of the best ways to create a comfortable, cozy home is to have pillows, blankets, and throws you can use to get comfy. These things are especially good when you’re cold or when you’re just looking for some comfort. You might have these items on your couch or on your bed, or you can keep them somewhere like a box or trunk so that you can get them out whenever you want them and put them away when you’re not using them.

Meditative Home Accessories

There are some home accessories you could place around your home that are relaxing and meditative just to look at, or maybe to hold. You could display some crystals or polished rocks, like a fascinating yooperlite. A pair of Chinese meditation balls are great to hold and move around, as well as to display. Even a lava lamp could be a fun addition to your home that you can watch when you feel like meditating or want to relax. Everyone might have something different that they find relaxing that they want to have in their home.

Soft Lighting

The lighting you choose in your home can make a difference in how calming it is. If the lights are too bright, you might find it hard to relax. Not enough lighting can be an inconvenience too though, so it’s a good idea to think about when and where you need more lighting and when you want less. It can help to have lighting that you can adjust, whether it means having different types of lighting or installing dimmable lights so that you can change them to the level that you want at any time.

Calming Sounds

To appeal to all the senses when you want to relax, think about some of the sounds that might help you to be calm. Some people like wind chimes, for example. There might be something particular like wind chimes or a water feature that you put in your home, but it’s also useful to have some good speakers that you can use to play any sound that you like. Whether you like white noise, whale song, chanting, or you just want to play your favorite music, having some quality speakers is the right place to start.

Relaxing Fragrances

Your sense of smell is also important if you want to create a relaxing home. Fragrances can stir up all kinds of emotions, including helping you to relax. There are lots of scents that you might find relaxing, and a few ways to get them into your home. You can use candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, essential oils, incense, potpourri, or even plug-in air fresheners. Whatever scents you like, you can have them in your home so that they help you to relax when it’s time to unwind.

A Tech-Free Space

It might not be for everyone, but one of the ways you could create a calming space at home is by having a tech-free space where you can relax without screens. It doesn’t have to be your whole home, of course. You can have one room or even just one space in your home where you don’t use any technology. It can help you to relax because you’re not checking social media or your work email. You’re not distracted by tech and you can focus on your own thoughts or just on relaxing.

With some calming elements around your home, you could make it a more relaxing place to be, where you feel safe and happy.