The Second time is a charm ๐Ÿ˜‰

On the CNmrztlcwillis

Name: Purple Cocoa
Social Media names: mrztlcwillis (Curly Nikki) Purple_Cocoa (Twitter)
Hair Type: 4C
Fro Name: Cocoa
URL (if any)

How long have you been natural or transitioning?
I have been natural/transitioning since December 2008. This was my second attempt after my stylist was against it. She did not want to maintain my 4c hair.

When did you BC or when do you plan on Bcing?
I never BCed. I already had very short hair so I just grew it out and keep my ends trimmed. Eventually, I trimmed the relaxed ends off.

A short regimen you can share?

I wash my hair every 1 -2 weeks. I listen to my scalp; if she itches badly, we wash. If not, we wait until 2 weeks. My hair was trained to be washed weekly while I was relaxed, so she knows when it is time. I currently use Bee Mine Ayurvedic Herbal Bar or Queene Helene Royal Curl shampoo (new product, love it so far). I deep condition after every shampoo, usually 4 โ€“ 12 hours depending on my next style. I use Bee Mine Deep Conditioner or Queene Helene Royal Curl with honey, EVOO, and castor oil.  I will twist my hair or put in braid extensions depending on the mood with some mango or Shea butter. I rarely wear WnGs because my hair dries out so quickly. Oh waitโ€ฆI use castor and coconut oil to seal the moisture. I keeps it simple.

Do you have any Favorite Products?
The Bee Mine line: It works great in my hair and my daughter hair.

Do you have any advice on Going Natural?

It is not a war with our relaxed hair friends. Itโ€™s a choice so embrace it. It is rough as with anything in life but it will get better. Do what works for you at all times. I would love to wear all the styles I see the other Naturalistas wear but my hair says NO!. She is simple and will remain simple.