Hey, Curlies!

Part of my mission with ClassyCurlies is not only to provide you with natural hair tips from a plant-based perspective, but insight on how you can have a healthier life all around. I often get questions about the food I eat and how I make healthier choices at restaurants.

We have a few neighborhood restaurants where we love to eat. One of those is Big Lug Canteen. We come here for one specific item, which we’ll chat about later.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon – before football because Brandon would die if he missed a game (insert sarcasm here) – Jr., Brandon and I headed over for an early lunch.

On the way there

Since I was still driving my 2020 Totoya Corolla XSE loaned to me from the company’s Steeped In History Tour, we drove in luxury.

During the ride over, we got to experience some of the cool features of this car. When I first got the car, I brought my own car charger. I didn’t even need it. The car had a charging pad! I also loved the safety features like Lane Tracing Assist (helps you stay in your lane) and Pedestrian Detection, which acted as your second set of eyes to let you know when a person or vehicle is nearby.

Did I tell you I also did not have to put gas in the car the entire week? This is why I’ve personally owned a Corolla for so long.

The food

Big Lug is our spot solely because of their Nashville Hot Chicken Wings. Brandon and I both love spicy food and these wings will make you cry they’re so hot. We visit so often, many of the staff knows our order (sad, I know lol).

The thing is though, I don’t order the wings often. We’ve been to the restaurant so much, I’ve found other healthier options on the menu.

So while I stole a few of their fries, I opted for an Impossible Burger Slider with vegan cheese (which was way bigger than a normal slider) and their Hot Chop Salad (I ended up ditching the croutons later).

The key with my bigger meal in particular is for me not to eat everything in one sitting. I ate half and took the rest home for dinner.

This is all to say, you can definitely choose healthier options while eating out at restaurants.

Here are some of my tips:

  • If it’s a place you’ve never visited before, check out the menu ahead of time to weigh the options.
  • Ask your server for alternatives like swapping out buns for lettuce wraps or regular cheese for vegan cheese.
  • Box up half of your food to go. Many portions these days are huge.
  • You’re not perfect. Treat yourself to something small (like fries in my case), or a scoop of ice cream.

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