Hey, Curlies!

You may have heard me talk about a hair rinse over the past few years. I even offer a free ebook on them when you sign up for our email list. Hair rinses have a special place in my hair care routine, but a lot of people aren’t familiar with how they work.

Here’s the lowdown on hair rinses and why you should include them in your hair care routine.

What is a hair rinse?

An herb or oil infusion used in the final step of a hair care routine. Some hair rinses can be used right after you shampoo your hair and before you condition.

Here’s my hair results after using my Herbal Hair Rinse recipe (find it below).

Why should you use one?

Hair rinses come with a load of benefits like adding moisture to dry hair, strengthening weak hair, help eliminate excessive shedding and make detangling easier.

Many women have never heard of a hair rinse let alone know how to use one. It’s a hair care product that can really help your hair thrive with consistent use. Like any hair product, consistency is key to see results.

How do you use a hair rinse?

Using a hair rinse is very simple. Here’s how you use one:

  1. Wash and condition hair as normal
  2. Pour rinse directly over hair, targeting damaged areas
  3. Wring out excess product. Do not rinse out
  4. Continue with normal hair care routine

Here’s how I do my hair rinse:

Where can I find a hair rinse? How can I make one?

Yes, you can make your own hair rinse! I highly encourage it since many stores don’t carry them, and if they do, they probably aren’t that good for you.

HERE is one of my favorite hair rinse recipes. With this recipe, you’ll have to get the ingredients yourself.

One of my other favorite hair rinse recipes is the Herbal Hair Rinse. It uses herbs like tulsi and nettle leaf to keep your hair strong and promote hair growth. This hair rinse recipe is super easy to make and the cool part is, you can get all of the ingredients and an instruction card sent to your doorstep. HERE is how to get your kit delivered.

Long story short, if you’re looking to strengthen your hair and keep it healthy, you’re definitely going to want to include a hair rinse into your routine.

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