Hey Curlies,

I’ve gotten a few emails asking the type of body products I use, and so here they are. Many of these products I ordered from one of my favorite sites, luckvitamin.com.

Healthy beauty items to try - ClassyCurlies

All of these items were ordered from luckyvitamin.com. The JASON lavender body wash (right) was awesome, so I decided to try different scents (see below). The JASON aloe vera lotion was just OK, and I only ordered this one time. I now use another skin moisturizer (see below). The Alvera roll on deodorant (top) has become a staple of mine and I’ve purchased it 4-5 times. Lastly, the Mill Creek Botanicals biotin shampoo is also a product I’ve used before.

The tooth paste contains Grapefruit seed and perilla seed extracts without any SLS or fluoride.
The mouthwash has natural spearmint and tea tree oil.

These items are recent purchases. The Aloe vera gel was bought at The Vitamin Shoppe and I use this on my skin from time-to-time and on my edges for a sleek look. The 365 Daily Shower came from Whole Foods and it contains plant-based ingredients. The JASON Cranberry body wash is quickly becoming one of my favorites.