Hey Curlies,

Did you know you can use lemons for just about anything? Well, not everything but fresh lemon has so many uses for the home and your body.

I’ve begun including lemon water into my daily regimen and I’ve seen a great change in my energy levels, immune system, and digestive system.

Some people prefer to drink their lemon water warm and people like to just pop a lemon into a glass whenever I think about it. While I do like cool water with lemon, I seem to receive more benefits when I drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning when I wake up.

So what are the benefits of drinking lemon water?

  • Alkalizes your body (which basically means it balances your body according to the pH scale). When your body’s pH levels aren’t high enough, that’s when you began to get sick.
  • Helps digest foods – flushing out all the bad
  • Helps prevent cold and flu – see No. 1 – they are high in vitamin C
  • Can freshen breath
  • Can assist with weight loss because it is high in pectin fiber

If you’re afraid of the lemons ruining your teeth, just grab a straw.

Benefits of drinking lemon water daily - ClassyCurlies

Now here’s how I make this all easy. I used to buy lemons, put the bag in the bottom drawer, forget about them, then they would go bad. Not anymore.
Here’s my routine about every week:
  • Buy a bag of lemons
  • Take out the cutting board, my favorite knife and create about 7-8 slices per lemon
  • Put all of the slices into a zip bag
  • Pop the bag into the freezer
Your lemons won’t go bad because they’re frozen and they’re always ready for you to pop one into your glass.