In the modern world we live in, we often don’t seem to care to understand how our minds work. Mental health is something that is so crucial to our well being, that we cannot live a happy life without having a balanced mind.

But most of the time, especially in the time of COVID-19, we draw our own maze and put ourselves in it. Basically, we get inside of our own head. Moral conundrums, looking down on ourselves when we shouldn’t and being hyper-critical of your own appearance to name but a few things. Don’t you just wish you could get out of your own head and be the person you were meant to be?

All of the items mentioned in this article are all topics I feel passionate about – especially for women. Let’s dive into some of the issues women face that can cause this downward spiral.

Negative Body Image

Negative body image isn’t just something that affects women, it affects everyone. We’re in a hyper-sexualized society and we have to admit that. Many singers and musicians make music videos with very skimpy clothing, every other hit song is about love and being desired.

It’s quite common for us to want to be loved when we’re in a society that tells us, your appearance is valued above all else. But counter-movements like body positivity, go against science and all the health advice we’ve been given for the past 100 years. So is there a middle?

Well, yes. Speaking about it in public and going to local cultural group activities is something that would help you to express your feelings on the subject. Preferably, going to an egalitarianism event would be beneficial because both men and women openly share their body image concerns.

Know Thyself

This is a big one. I always tell people that we need to be able to become more self aware. More than that, you need to be able to sit alone with your thoughts and truly get to know the real you.

It’s one thing to understand your thoughts but another to understand how your mind works. So many of us are yearning to learn more about who we are, why we are the way we are. Knowing thyself has become a cultural movement in the modern world because we value our mental health more than ever before in human history.

This is why you should jump at the chance to understand your personality by taking something like a free online Enneagram personality test. There are nine different types of personalities to be grouped into. But, each type is explained in so much detail. What makes them tick, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they could improve themselves. You will be surprised, even shocked at how accurate the descriptions are for each type.

I took a personality test late last year and it was so accurate it was scary.

Depending on the Love of Others

We all go through a rebellious phase when we’re teenagers. We develop a carefree attitude and not really caring what others think of us. As we grow older, we start to value the attraction and care of others, namely our sexual partners.

However, it’s important not to lose that carefree nature. Relying on the approval or validation of others can really make us loathe ourselves and be supercritical. Let’s regain our self-confidence by not attaching it to others first.

So many people feel trapped in their own minds and it’s always because they constructed a maze for themselves. Let’s stop doing this, starting off by understanding why we are critical of our own bodies.

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