Beauty is a complicated word to define, and its concept is subjective. According to the English dictionary, beauty is explained as the quality of being visually attractive, pleasing, fine, or good-looking. This definition is rather vague, and everyone has their own interpretation of the term.

Losing confidence in your own beauty is the unfortunate reality of some individuals during their lifetime. This lack of confidence in your looks is also very bad for your mental health. So, here are five great ways to be confident in your own beauty.

1. Try to understand why your ego is low

If your confidence level is diminishing, there is a reason and source which you need to trace. Does it have anything to do with your physical appearance? Did you experience some sort of trauma as a child?

Asking such simple questions, and a host of others can give you salient ideas on which areas deserve more attention.

There are times when the loss of self-esteem traces its roots to anxiety. However, being too scared of the future can negatively impact your connection with reality. Anxiety disorders are prevalent in the USA, affecting 40 million adults in America, so you’re not alone and can get some help. I recommend therapy.

2. Look at your image in a mirror

Programming your cognitive behavior can boost your beauty confidence, provided you do it the right way. Looking at your reflection in a mirror is one proven technique that can help improve low self-esteem. The method focuses on examining the sources of self-esteem and how best to transform your self-worth in a positive direction.

This is a simple self-healing experiment that you can do in the comfort of your home. Stand up and face the wall mirror in your home. Practice self-care, speak to your image, and convince yourself that you’re priceless. I recommend doing this without makeup, hair extensions, or any other beauty additive. Work on admiring the natural you using phrases like, “I am powerful”, “I am worthy.”

3. Jot down good things about your appearance

No matter how bad you think you look, your body will always have a lot of pluses you can talk about. Take a pen and paper and be honest with yourself. Write down your top three physical attributes that you are very proud of.

They could be that you have full lips, a big booty, a curvy shape, or something like that. Discovering one or two positive points about your appearance can be the turning point for you to love your beauty. Instead of listening to negative comments from people, focus on your good features, and use them to overcome doubts about your beauty.

4. Explore your personality traits

More than 70% of girls aged 15–17 years skip school or their daily activities when they don’t trust their looks. Many times, these thought patterns spill into adulthood. On the other hand, beauty has a deeper meaning beyond physical attractiveness.

Don’t write yourself off just yet when you haven’t delved into your inner beauty. Consider your strengths or skills and take pride in them, even if no one else does. Assuming you are a critical thinker, an entrepreneur, an athletic person, a volunteer, or a philanthropist — there is a lot of beauty to uncover in these activities. 

5. Make the Changes That’ll Improve Your Perceptions

Accepting yourself is key and looking at the positives rather than the negatives is very important too. Nevertheless, if there are changes you want to make and have been putting off, it might help boost your confidence to finally take that step. Whether it’s changing your hairstyle, pursuing laser hair removal or losing excess body fat; if it’s a healthy change, go ahead and make it.

The fact is that you are as beautiful as you make up your mind to be. Be empowered and do not wait for anyone to tell you how beautiful you are before you start believing in yourself.