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To say there is a bit of tension between Shea Moisture and the natural hair community is completely an understatement.

The company recently released a series of commercials featuring an array of women explaining the challenges they face with their hair and themselves. They also speak on how Shea Moisture has helped solve some of those problems.

Sounds harmless, right?

Shea Moisture’s Black customers fought back after the commercials featured several white women advocating for the brand. Being a Black-owned brand, some customers felt as if the company forgot about the majority of its customers – Black people.

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People on Twitter were pissed – so much so, “Shea Moisture” was trending on Twitter Monday for at least 5 hours.



So basically Shea Moisture ended up pulling the commercial because of all of the negative feedback. Not only were people pissed about the women’s skin tones, they were also mad about the the lack of kinky hair textures displayed.



Sooooo where does this leave Shea Moisture? To tell you the truth, I’m not sure.
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