There are a great many advantages to working from home, whether you’re self-employed or employed. One thing that many people enjoy, is the flexibility to wear what they like. No more spending a lot of time and money power dressing for the office, unless that’s you’re thing. 

There are a lot of misconceptions that self-employed people sit at home in their pyjamas or underwear, not really paying attention to what they’re wearing. For some people, that’s true.  It’s good to have flexibility in workwear. For example, if you’re feeling a bit under the weather but still plan to work, then having your laptop on the sofa with your dressing gown on is no bad thing. 

When you’re choosing what to buy, here are some things to consider. 

What a ‘working wardrobe’ means to you

For many people, what they wear is directly related to their mindset and productivity for the day. A lot of successful people still get into the habit of getting up, showering, doing their hair and make-up (if they use it) and dressing smartly. It can have a psychological effect to feel like you’re ready to work. It also means that you’re looking presentable when you get the request for a sudden Zoom meeting too. 

Who you’ll be interacting with

Some self-employed people communicate exclusively through things like email, voice notes, and Slack, they rarely meet people face to face or via video. For others, there is still a lot of visual communication going on, so the need to look smart and comfortable is more pressing if you want to present a certain ‘look’ to your clients or colleagues. It’s important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, whether it’s a business suit, funny patriotic shirts or a smart casual look. 

In some sectors, there may be expectations around the types of things you’re expected to wear. You have to make the decision whether you’re going to conform to these expectations or go your own way. 

If you are going to be on video calls a lot, then be wary of patterns that can cause dizziness to people on screens such as stripes or polka dot patterns. 

Comfort levels

It’s important your outfit is comfortable. Sitting at a computer in clothes that are too tight, or make you feel hot and sweaty, isn’t going to help you be at your productive best. Choose clothes which have softness or stretch in them so that you can move about easily. 

Focus on quality, not quantity 

Fast fashion isn’t good for the planet or your wallet in the long run. Focus on a few key pieces which are of good quality, and will last you a long time. While they might be more expensive to purchase, they will last a lot longer than the cheaper, poorer quality items. 

The last word

Having more flexibility with your work wardrobe is great. Everyone needs to find their own level or style and comfort which is appropriate for your work but also makes you feel great too.