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Feeling like a fraud or that you don’t deserve your achievements although you have a long history of being a hard worker? You’re probably experiencing impostor syndrome.

It’s the feeling that you’re somehow going to be “figured out” or that you don’t honestly believe you deserve a seat at the table. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. This is a common feeling for women and other minority groups who have to work twice as hard for their seat at the table.

I have also felt this way several times despite the great things I’ve achieved. I’ve also spoken with many women who feel this way. These are women who I consider experts and women in high-power positions in their careers. When I hear them talk about impostor syndrome, it makes me think, “there has to be more women who feel this way.”

That’s why 2019’s very first episode of Curly Conversations Podcast is all about tips to overcome impostor syndrome.

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