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It can get quite expensive to continuously buy multiple hair products. Then, if you buy a product and it does not benefit you, you have just wasted your money. Let’s be realistic here, hair products now cost between $3-$15 and if you would like to buy an all natural product, you can at least add another $10 to $20 dollars to your total.

Who has the time and money for all of that?

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To solve these problems, there are companies that sell kits of different products. The product brands vary per month, but finally, you can try multiple products at once for only  about $20 a month.


  • Multiple products in each kit
  • Shampoos, conditioners, stylers, discounts, and hair tips
  • One low flat fee per month
  • Some products are full-sized
  • Some products are sample sizes

Kit Options

This is the kit that I subscribe to and review for you all about every month. The kit includes 6-9 hair samples that are catered to the natural hair audience. Some products are full-sized products that you would buy at a store and others are smaller samples. The kit is $20 a month. Some highly recognized brands that have been distributed in the past:  Kinky Curly, Carol’s Daughter, Ampro Gel, Wonder Curl, and Bee Mine.
This kit features 5-7 hair product samples for subscribers to explore the hair care market without breaking the bank. This box caters to all hair types and textures. The kit is $20 a month based on competitive subscriptions. This kit does sell fast and is very competitive. Some highly recognized brands that have been distributed in the past:  Karen’s Body Beautiful, Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care, Hair Rules, Curl Hair Solutions and Design Essentials.
CurlBox Natural:
This kit is very new to the market and similar to the company’s other kit. The only difference is, the kit is especially made for naturally curly hair. A one time fee for this kit is $40. Some may think that this is expensive, but I am guessing that customers will be paying for the ingredients contained in each product. Natural ingredients are not cheap. Be aware that this kit does not contain a subscription, it is a one time fee.
For ordering information visit: curlbox.com

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