Hey Curlies,

Taking the time to wash and style your hair practically means nothing if it only lasts for one day. Many women strive to find the secret about achieving second, third and fourth day hair.

In a previous post I chatted about how I often get my styles to last about four or five days without restyling, but there is something you should know.

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Getting your style to last (mostly referring to twistouts, braidouts, twist n curls, etc.) mostly depends upon your hair type and the products you use.
Many people always ask me how I get my styles to last so long. They want to know the techniques and secret products – but to be quite honest – it’s pretty easy to achieve second day hair because of my texture.
While I actually despise the natural hair typing chart (because I feel it’s another way to divide the community), I would say my hair is Type 4a and 4b – meaning it’s full of tight, kinky curls.
Traditionally speaking, braids and twists hold better when done on kinkier hair. Hair types that are softer and more straight than curly don’t hold these styles well – they come undone easily.
So what does that mean for you? Here are some tips to achieve long lasting styles no matter your hair type:
If you have softer, looser curls:
  • Leave your twists, braids in for as long as you can (at least two days) before untwisting and styling
  • Use a moisturizer with hold when twisting – try aloe vera gel or your favorite all natural, light gel
If you have kinkier curls:
What techniques do you use to achieve second day hair?