Hey Curlies,

I’ve been getting tons of questions lately on caring for your hair in the winter months and winterizing your hair regimen. It’s cold, its snowing and whatever else it feels like doing that day.

It seems like most ladies are having issues because their normal routines don’t seem to be working anymore. Here is my biggest advice:

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Always moisturize and seal

Yes, this isn’t a new concept, however, the products you use are what make all the difference. I usually start off with my own aloe vera juice mix or any other liquid leave-in conditioner. This counts as the “moisturizing” part.

Don’t drench your hair but just spritz it lightly. Learn more about how to properly moisturize and seal here.

Bring on the butters

This next step is crucial to winter hair care. Using thick butters and creams are what’s important here. My next step is to take about a nickel-sized amount of the butter of my choice, rub it in my hands and apply to the ends first. From there the product can be distributed to other areas.


Some of my favorites to use are shea butter and Bask & Bloom’s Nourishing Hair and Body Butter.

The shea butter may need to be melted because it can be gritty at first touch. Sign up for our online DIY classes to learn how to make your own whipped shea butter.


Both of these steps go hand in hand and truly work together to keep strands moisturized.

My fall and winter hair care routines are very similar – check them out here and here.


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