Hey, Curlies!

Over the past 11 years, I’ve tried plenty of hair care products – including some really good natural hair conditioners. Since I started my own hair and skincare line, Make It Classy, one of the first products I knew was extremely important to develop was a natural hair conditioner.

For the past few years, I’ve used Make It Classy’s Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner. It took me quite a while to develop this conditioner since I was super picky about the plant-based ingredients (learn more about clean beauty). Since using this conditioner consistently, my hair has grown exponentially and is its softest its ever been. Since it hit the store, Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner was featured in Glamour and Vanity Fair Magazines.

The Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner is made with plant-based and natural ingredients like aloe vera (try this aloe vera scalp treatment), but its star ingredient is moringa. If you’ve never heard of the powers of moringa, you can read up on it here in this super popular blog post. Long story short, it’s one of the best plants for keeping and maintaining healthy hair.

Here are 5 reasons why this natural hair conditioner has become my favorite:

It’s full of natural ingredients

This hair conditioner is made with scalp-soothing and nourishing ingredients for healthy hair. You’ll find aloe vera, moringa, bassbau oil, and more.

natural hair conditioner

The scent is to die for

If you enjoy peppermint and lemon scent, you’re going to love this hair conditioner. The scent is created using only essential oils that are great for scalp health. Many traditional hair conditioners use synthetic fragrance oils that make smells overpowering. The Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner has a scent made from natural ingredients and they’re good for hair.

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It has tons of slip

One of the most important factors that can make or break a conditioner is the amount of slip is has. This refers to how well the product applies and coats hair strands. The Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner has tons of slip. It’s one of the things customers point out the most.

It leaves my hair super soft

Each and every time I use the Blissful Brooklyn Hair Conditioner, my hair is 10x softer than when I started. You can thank all of the natural ingredients.

It’s great for using daily, weekly or monthly

I love that this hair conditioner can be used on all hair types but most of all it can be used frequently. Unlike heavy protein hair conditioners that can only be used monthly, this moisturizing conditioner can be used daily, weekly or monthly.

Of course, I’m biased since I create the product, but you’ll find tons of 5-star reviews on the product page. Learn more or try your own jar on the Make It Classy website.