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This week is a short one for me since I’m taking some much deserved time off to spend with friends out of town. When there is a short week, I need good vibes to guide me through the pile of work I’ll need to get done before I leave. By good vibes, I mean crystals.

If you would’ve told me a few years ago that I’d be that “hippie” person who would be into crystals, I’d think you were crazy. I didn’t know anyone who’d ever interacted with them so I was never introduced to them. Also, to be honest, I was like “how is a rock going to fix my problems.”

That was until I gave them a chance.

My Introduction into Crystals

In 2019 while at a tradeshow for Make It Classy in Chicago, I ran into a woman from Kinki Behavior who sold crystals. Not only did she sell them, she knew tons about them. I’m not going to lie, I bought a rose quartz necklace because it was pink. I had no idea what the crystal’s meaning was at all.

It wasn’t until I began receiving compliments daily on my new rose quartz necklace that I actually became interested in its meaning. One of the powerful themes behind rose quartz is unconditional love. That means both giving and receiving. I thought, “hmm, I could use that.” From then on, I wore it every day for nearly a year.

That’s when I became curious about other crystals.

Shopping for Crystals

My second rub with crystals happened in LA. A friend and I visited this unforgettable bookstore called Mystic Journey. It was full of crystals, books on chakras, yoga and all of the “hippie” stuff I’m into. It was so hard to leave that place.

There, I purchased two crystals: black tourmaline and carnelian.

black tourmaline gemstone meaning

Black tourmaline is the protector stone and is used to ward off negative energy. Think of it as a block of all negative people and things.

carnelian gemstone meaning

Carnelian is the gemstone of courage. It protects against envy, fear, and doubt. Since I’m a very ambitious person, I figured I could do some good with this one.

Since my LA shopping experience, I’ve collected another (but heart-shaped) rose quartz from my meditation class along with a unakite necklace from Earth + Fire.

How I Use Crystals in my Daily Life

I love how each crystal has a meaning or theme attached to it. These are the themes I keep in my brain throughout the day.

For example, if I feel frustrated or angry at some point in the day, I’ll find myself grabbing my rose quartz necklace as a reminder to give love.

If I know I’ll have to be around people I don’t particularly like, I’ll carry my black tourmaline crystal as a reminder to not let their negative energy get trapped in my spirit.

Sometimes I’ll also bring them to my meditation class, which helps me set an intention for the day.

No matter if you believe in the healing of crystals or not, we all can relate to wanting to receive or give unconditional love. We can all relate to wanting to avoid negative people and situations.

Do you use crystals? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

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