Almost everyone desires to get better, wiser, stronger, and be the best versions of themselves as they age. And most people resort to different sources of guidance and instructions about how to do so – from frequently checking up on horoscopes to reading several books about self-improvement. But unfortunately, you can quickly become your worst enemy as far as living the life you want and chasing your dreams are concerned. 

From the kind of books you read to the people you listen to or even media content you consume, you can easily set yourself up for self-destruction or otherwise. So, do you desire to look back at your life with pride a year from now? Do you want to see yourself grow into a better person each day? Then use the following life-changing tips to create a better version of yourself. 

Drop those bad habits

First things first, before you can truly be the best version of yourself, you need to find what makes you the worse version of yourself. Take the time to write down the habits you have that are doing you more harm than good. Next, find out what you think are the best ways of getting rid of those habits. For example, if you think you procrastinate too often, write it down and find out how you can put a stop to it. 

The amount of time you may require to quit those bad habits will depend on the habits and the help available to you. Some habits need professional help to truly get rid of. Suppose you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, for example, but you do not want to move into a rehab home. In that case, you can rely on outpatient drug and alcohol rehab experts like Enterhealth to give you all the assistance, counseling, and guidance you need to help you come out of your addiction.

Stop the fear of failure

According to experts, the fear of failure, or atychiphobia, is one of the main reasons why most people fail to come out of their comfort zones and reach for greater heights. Many people fear the opinions, criticisms, disappointments that come with failure. And these make it impossible for them to take risks required to improve themselves. The most successful people on earth are not the ones who have not experienced the pangs of failure, but the ones who have learned the critical lesson from the failure to help them make better choices. 

Most of the highly successful people you can think of have failed in various areas of their journeys – Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Richard Branson, name them. Failure is necessary at some point in every human life, as the lessons you learn from them will make you wiser and equip you with the insight you need to be successful in the future. The problem does not lie in failing but instead in allowing the fear of failure to cripple you into inertia. Try overcoming this fear by practicing positive thinking and analyzing all your potential outcomes. Find out what the worst-case scenario is and juxtapose it with the best possible outcome.

Be confident in who you are

So, you have worked on your bad habits and shut the door on atychiphobia. The next thing you need to do is accept who you (including what you consider your imperfections) are and do you. That will help you gain the confidence you need to be a better version of yourself. 

Do not mistake accepting your ‘imperfections’ to be the same thing as accepting the bad habits you have, as there are apparent differences. Society has a way of creating what is supposed to an ideal standard for everyone and makes it difficult for those who feel they fall short of those standards to appreciate their true selves. 

For example, for years, society has carved out what it considers the ideal body size, hair, and shape – with people going out of their way to meet those standards. However, look to yourself and appreciate the beauty in you. You will hardly be able to create a better version of yourself if you’re stuck in the version of others. Acknowledge and appreciate what makes you different, as these are the same things you will stand on to stand out. Be confident in who you are.

Take responsibility for your actions

You cannot grow if you are not ready to accept responsibility for your actions and the decisions you make. The foods you eat, the lifestyle you choose, the words you speak all reflect the person you have grown to become over the years. Probably, a few years earlier, you would’ve had different preferences from what you have now. That means that your current choices are a sign of your changing nature and the choices you made. So, instead of blaming others for where you find yourself, look to yourself and be ready to take some of the blame. 

Invest in yourself

Some people say that opportunity finds those who are ready to take it. To be able to recognize and grab an opportunity when it shows itself, you need to invest in yourself. Take the time and devote yourself to studying and perfecting your craft – no matter what it is. Be willing to make yourself available to be coached, guided, instructed, or mentored by people who have already achieved what you dream of becoming. Pick the right role models and learn from them, and find out ways to avoid the mistakes they made. However, while it is essential to give yourself someone to look up to for guidance, you should try not to imitate or copy everything they do. Learn from such people, but find ways to incorporate your individuality.

Take care of your health

There is no point investing in your future if you’re not going to be there to see it. And while there are things you cannot control, your health is not one of them. So, eat healthily and exercise regularly. Ensure that you add a lot of plant-based foods to your diet and maintain an active lifestyle. Give your body enough rest (at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep every day) and drink loads of water (at least eight glasses of water every day).