Surprise addition to giveaway

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Hey Curlies Guess what?! There is another part of the Valentine’s Day giveaway. There will now be a second winner! How great is that?! The second winner will not win a Shea Moisture product but a product sponsored by Sophia K, who is the owner of Her products are all natural, and contain vitamins, oil and butters that cater to…


Don’t forget your scalp!

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Hey Curlies! Ever have an itch on your scalp that just won’t leave you alone? The more you scratch, the more sore and irritated your scalp gets. I’ve noticed that this tends to happen to me a lot more in the winter months because of the cold air. We put such an emphasis on moisturizing out hair and especially our ends, but…


ClassyCurly Profile: Victoria Francis

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Hey Curlies! Here’s another featured profile. Isn’t her hair and name (I’m silly) beautiful? 1.      Tell us a little about yourself and your beauty line. My name is Victoria Francis and I am the Founder of NouriShea, a natural Hair and Skincare brand based on formulations with 100% USDA Certified Organic Shea Butter and essential oils. 2.      When and why…


Styling: How long is too long?

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Hey Curlies! Since becoming natural and doing research, I’ve noticed so many women spending so much time on doing their hair. I am guilty of this also. If I do not have another person helping me twist me hair, it can take hours! Since it does take so long, you began to feel the prolonged affects. Your arms are tired,…


Natural Hair Meetup: Indy Style

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Hey Curlies! Today was wonderful. I attended a natural hair meetup and met dozens of other curlies and just overall had a great time.We did a product swap and I got an entire bottle of Tresemme Naturals conditioner (#winning). We also did a lot of giveaways. I encourage you all to attend a natural hair meetup in your area. If…


Classy Curly Profile: Ysheena

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She has beautiful hair with a beautiful color to match! Name: Ysheena MccoySocial Media: Twitter -@Ysheena1Youtube– Type: 3b/3c How long have you been natural?  I’m 5 years Natural Why did you go natural? I needed to go natural due to Alopecia in the front of my hair due to stress. When did you Big chop?  November 15, 2006 to be…


Valentine’s Day Giveaway

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Hey Curlies! As you all know, I love to do giveaways and I figure why not with the holiday coming up. I am using a new method for the giveaway this time and hopefully it is successful. I am giving away one jar of Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Purification Masque valued at $10. I haven’t tried this product yet but…


Classy Curly Profile: Chris-Tia of “Thank God I’m Natural.”

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Hey Curlies! I am very excited about sharing this interview with you all! Have you ever read the book, “Thank God I’m Natural?” Well I have had the pleasure of getting an interview with Chris-Tia, the author of this book, and I’m dying to share it! Her book has been reviewed by, the salon owner of the Uncle…


Two Strand Twists Style

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Hey Curlies! I wore a flat twist and puff all last week. I dressed it up with different flowers and headbands. On Friday, I twisted my hair in bigger sections just to do a pin up style. I also trimmed my ends. They were a disaster! Well I think so. The last time I had them trimmed was in October….