It is never fun to feel that you do not have any control over what is going on around you. For example, you do not want to feel like things are happening around you at work and you can not stop them.

When it comes to your health, the feeling is even stronger and more personal. In a perfect world, your biology would let you play ball for 80 or 90 years without any problems. But, of course, this does not always happen. Instead, things may happen that you cannot stop, and you may have to go through a lot of pain. Of course, clinical trials and research are taking place all of the time by people like Dr. Hanid Audish, and huge advancements are happening all of the time.

Even though you can not always get back in charge of your health, there are many ways you can. What should you do?

Take 15 minutes a day to think about your health.

Fifteen minutes is about 1% of your day, which is a very small amount by any measure. Yet, using them to focus on your health can have a huge effect on your health. Taking some time alone to work on improving your mental health can have positive effects on your body. People who meditate tend to feel less stressed and happier about the fact that they cannot control everything in their lives.

It can be hard to put your health ahead of other things. But if you think about how little time it takes to take care of your health, the cost-benefit ratio is good. Your whole day can change in just fifteen minutes.

Figure out how to love exercise

Exercise is something that a lot of us both love and hate. On one hand, we like the results, which include a healthier body and a more toned body. But it hurts and takes a lot of time, which we do not like.

Experienced exercisers, on the other hand, rarely feel pain or loss when they work out. And it has nothing to do with how fit they might be compared to you. It all depends on how they feel about being active. Instead of seeing it as a part of a healthy lifestyle that they have to do, it becomes something they want to do. It starts to feel a bit like eating a good meal or playing video games. It is a fun thing to do and an important part of life.

Even if you hate exercise, you can still get to that point. Your “me time” could be something like going for a bike ride. It could be your chance to think about your life and situation every day. Or it could just be a chance to take it easy after a hard week. No matter what, exercising does not have to feel like a chore or a lot of work. If you change how you think about it, it can make a big difference in how it feels.

One thing you can do is make exercise feel like it does not take much work (at least to start). For example, going for a walk in a beautiful place is a great way to feel more active. Then, when you are used to it, you can add other kinds of exercise, like cycling or rowing. Eventually, the physical pain you usually feel when you work out will go away, and you will be able to enjoy your time outside. You might even join a gym.

Prioritize sleep.

Sleep science is just starting out. But if there is one thing people in the field want you to know, it is that you should put sleep first.

It seems that sleep is linked to a lot of the diseases that come with aging. People who do not get enough sleep when they are young are more likely to have problems like memory loss and dementia when they are older. 

So, regaining control of your health mostly depends on how you live. For most people, the most important things are the ones that are easy to do. Taking care of yourself is a big part of loving yourself. You do it when you really think you are worth the effort. Saying no to the stresses in your life and taking care of your sleep instead can make a huge difference in your overall health.