Hey Curlies,

Who knew having a bad hair day or just being lazy could result in such compliments? Earlier this week I sported a colorful headwrap and people loved it.

Honestly, my hair needed a good wash and I wanted to spruce up the pathetic puff I’d been wearing, so I decided to do something quick and easy – a headwrap.

These head scarfs are an easy way to add a pop of color to outfits as well.

Here’s how I tied my headwrap in less than 60 seconds. Oh yeah, I got the piece from That Black Legacy online boutique.

Adding a pop of color to your Friday 😉. Thanks, @thatblacklegacy

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How to tie a headwrap in 60 seconds:


Want more styles? See last week’s wash n go style or the ClassyCurlies YouTube channel.

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