Detoxing can be hard. You’re at the point of detoxing because you have been having so much fun. In reality, you have not been the best to your body. The best way to make a clean start is to go within and work your way out. Here are a few detoxes you can do to start fresh and feel brand new.

Eat Your Veggies

Start with your diet. The Center For Disease Prevention released a staggering statistic that three quarters of the population do not consume enough fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are where you can get the most nutrients. Start introducing these nutrients into your life and soon you will start to feel the difference as toxins are replaced with healthy vitamins. Consume veggies like spinach and kale for iron, sweet potatoes for complex carbs, turmeric for anti-inflammatory, and nuts and berries for antioxidants. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Enough cannot be said about the benefits of water. Most people don’t drink any water at all, and the ramifications are mind-blowing. Lack of water can cause aging, damage to the skin, and damage to the vital organs of the body. Water is the biggest eliminator of toxins. Drinking half to three quarters of a gallon of water a day will flush all the bad juice out of your body. Hydration is important for brain health, digestion, and weight loss. Get a bottle that has measurements on the side so you can monitor your water intake, and even add a little lemon juice for even more detoxifying benefits. 

Castor Oil Packs

The detoxification power of castor oil is phenomenal. Castor oil can reduce inflammation, help with pain, and even detox the liver. With the consumption of alcohol and unhealthy foods, the filtration system of the liver can get blocked up and slowed down. Castor oil packs for liver detox can be a game changer. By creating a pack and using it, you can start to feel the toxins release from your liver and your gut and overall health will improve.


We all know there never seem to be enough hours in the day, and there is a lot to get done. But don’t sacrifice your sleep because lack of sleep can be making you sick. While you sleep at night, the brain takes the time to start breaking down and getting rid of toxins in the body. If you’re not asleep, the brain can’t do its job and those toxins remain inside of you. Make it a point to get plenty of sleep each night so that your body can do its natural garbage removal while you improve your mental health and physical health with adequate rest.

All of these detoxes seem to be easy because they are. It doesn’t take much to take care of your body and mind if you make the time. If you are feeling great, a little detoxification every now and then won’t hurt. Try these home remedies and see and feel the difference.