Before we begin to talk about creating boundaries, let’s define them. You may not have grown up in a home where boundaries were discussed in a clear way and that’s ok. 

In my self-healing journey, I’ve learned that boundaries can be many things and are just as important internally as they are externally.

In its simplest terms, a boundary is how you want to be treated by yourself and others.  I have also come to realize that this isn’t limited to just behaviors and it is also the emotions that you or others bring into your space. A boundary can be spiritual, material, physical, sexual, emotional, or mental

Now that we have a working definition of what boundaries are, let’s see how this can be applied to our current state of being in the midst of this pandemic. 

Ask Yourself These Questions

Take the time to figure out what boundary or boundaries you need to have in place. Is someone emotionally draining you every time you talk or are they dumping all their feelings at your door?

Do you consistently find yourself being negative or harsh to yourself? What are the areas you have the most tension in your life? What and/ or who are things or people you literally dread speaking to or interacting with?

These are the places to create boundaries! Boundaries can be as simple as I will talk nicely to myself in moments of stress to more complex things like cutting a phone call short with a friend or family member who isn’t honoring your boundaries. 

Take Action

Second, now that you have defined your new boundaries, begin to implement them. You don’t have to implement every single one at one time. And I know it sounds simple but it can be uncomfortable and met with resistance.

You also are not obligated to announce your boundaries to every person. Know what they are and when someone crosses them, speak up for yourself by asking for what you need at that moment. 


Third, make it a daily practice. I keep seeing this idea of keeping one small promise to yourself daily and over time you will find that you are showing up for and honoring yourself more and more. Daily practice is more important than a loud declaration. 

Much success and love!

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