Hey Curlies,

When I first found out I was pregnant, I imagined all of the great things I would do for my daughter Brooklyn. One of the moments I was excited about was her first experience tasting solid food.

I knew I would be that mom who handcrafted and blended fresh fruits and veggies for her at home. I stuck with this plan for maybe a month and realized how hard it was to keep up between other needs.

I knew baby food at the grocery store wasn’t my cup of tea. Not all are bad, but most contain harsh preservatives that help extend the life of the food. I kid you not, the jar I examined in the store expired in two years. That doesn’t count when the product was actually packaged.

I knew I didn’t want to go that route, so I turned to Cafe Baby based out of Indianapolis. I’d heard of Cafe Baby years ago and always said if I had a child, I would give them a try. The mother and daughter team roast or steam foods like sweet potato, pears, apples and blend them without preservatives or any other additives before freezing.

We’re on our second order of items and we are pleased! Brooklyn has liked nearly everything she’s tried and it makes me feel good that she’s getting quality food. They also make pouches we’ve used on the go at the farmer’s market and summer visit to the Indiana State Fair.

If you’re wondering about the price, I’d say it worth it. Most of their 6 oz containers (which are much larger than those on the shelf) are priced between $3-5. It may be a few cents higher than traditional baby food, but it’s worth it to get high quality food, some organic, that you can trust.

Plus I love that I’m supporting a local business here in the city. This post is not sponsored. It’s simply one of my go-to brands these days. You can visit the Cafe Baby location in Indianapolis at 5945 E. 86th Street Indianapolis, IN 46250 or at cafebabytogo.com.